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THE townie story

Very simply, South Bend Townie Pep Rallies are a celebration of LOVE. Love for our community and love for our neighbor. For some, this comes easy. But knowing that not everyone is necessarily feeling the love for South Bend, the experiences are designed to challenge and inspire our views of the place that we call home.


Just think, if South Bend really was a team, how would we be responding both as a community and as individuals? With pride or with shame? Would we be cheering from the sidelines, in the action on the field or booing from the stands? Are we striving for the W or expecting the loss?

No matter where you stand, there's room for you at the next Pep Rally...

  • Already love South Bend...great, come share those positive vibes!

  • Not sure how you feel...come learn about some of the awesome things going on here!

  • Just not a fan...come tell us why and let's see if we can come up with a creative solution for change!

These pep rallies were inspired by Rosemary Shafer (aka Gramma Rose) who was born in South Bend in 1928 and lived/loved here for 89 years. She was the ultimate cheerleader for South Bend and a big reason why her granddaughter, a native Texan, chose to stay in the area after getting her MBA from the University of Notre Dame in 2015. The unlikely duo discovered a deeply rooted shared passion for the city and naturally dubbed themselves the "South Bend Cheerleaders."  The idea for a pep rally was dreampt up over breakfast at the South Bend Farmer's Market on a Saturday morning in early 2017 and planning quickly commenced. Sadly, Gramma Rose passed unexpectedly shortly after but her memory and infectious love for this city lives on in every pep rally.